Olive growers
for five generations

Azienda Agricola San Martino

A mix of tradition, innovation and love for their homeland. Placed in the Salento plain, Azienda Agricola San Martino stretches with its 6000 olive trees to the  countryside of Mesagne and Torre Santa Susanna, in Brindisi area, places which hold some secular precious olive trees and have a millenial experience in the field of olive growing. The Sanasi’s first olive tree planting dates back to three centuries ago.

Today those first olive trees represent the origin of the company that keeps alive the family history of five generations of extra-virgin olive oil producers who manage on their own all the steps of the production process, from planting to cold pressing in the company oil mill until bottling, thus ensuring the traceability of the product and its uniqueness.
Raffaele Sanasi, a young engineer and owner of  Azienda Agricola San Martino, dedicates himself entirely to the family business, following in his father’s Francesco, footsteps and even before those left by his grandparents Raffaele and Gaetano, both millers and olive growers.  With passion and dedication, he personally selects the best varieties of cultivars, plants new trees, takes care of the old olive trees and equips the farm with all the mechanical means necessary for the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Raffaele pays great attention to all the steps of the product processing preferring those techniques that allow to preserve the nutritional and physical properties of the oil, thus, he grows  thirty hectares of land without using herbicides and pesticides. Being a producer of extra virgin olive oil is not, in this case, just a job but a real mission: to preserve centuries of work and expertise and give them daily life.

The organic extra virgin olive oil  produced by Azienda Agricola San Martino results from the experience and work of a family.  An oil of excellence able to satisfy the most demanding palates enclosing, in its soft wheat color, the scents and flavors of Puglia of the past.

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