Extracted exclusively
from our olives

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Also this year, as our fathers did in the past and even before our grandparents, we have cultivated our olive groves.
Strictly respecting the times of nature, we pruned the trees, plowed and fertilised the land, waited for the flowering, growth and ripening of the olives.

Then, when they were at an optimal point of ripeness, we harvested them directly from the tree and pressed them the same day in the family oil mill.

The two extra virgin olive oils, Cerdo and Albero di Athena , are not only the fruit of our olive groves but, grant us the note of pride, also the fruit of our work.

Cerdo is obtained from the cold pressing of olives grown on our land of the Picholine, it is Medium / intense fruity with prevalent hints of grass, artichoke and tomato, bitter and spicy of medium intensity. It is ideal for dressing green salads, legume soups, red meats.

Albero di Athena is a certified organic extra virgin olive oil, it is produced exclusively with olives from the company's olive groves of the Leccino cultivar only. It is ideal with white meat dishes, vegetables, salads, caprese, vegetable sauces, bruschetta and fish.

All our extra virgin olive oils are obtained from the same day milling of the olives harvested directly from the tree to preserve the aromas and organoleptic characteristics.

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