The Organic Oil mill

The oil mill of Azienda Agricola San Martino is located in the town of Torre Santa Susanna, a building historically used by the Sanasi family for the production of extra virgin olive oil.  A place which proves the succession of millers and olive growers’ generations and today houses the company modern oil mill.

The oil mill is organic certified and it is powered only by photovoltaic solar energy in full compliance with environmental and nature timescale, in accordance with the modus operandi of the Company. This oil mill, exclusively used for the production of the San Martino extra virgin oil, has got a latest generation processing system, equipped with Mori-Tem plants that represent, since ever, a high quality and technological innovation warranty.

The control of both processing time and temperature ensures that the organoleptic characteristics of the final product are preserved. Advanced systems are used in all processing steps, starting from the pressing carried out by knives that do not mishandle the olives and whose rotation speed is controlled and moderate.
The obtained paste passes to the kneading process where the verticality of the kneaders allows to considerably reduce the resting time of the paste, minimizing the risk of oxidation.
The separation of the oil from the pomace takes place in the decanter, designed to work at 25 degrees.  Finally, the product is subjected to the filtration process performed first by a cartridge filter system and then by a cardboard filter system.
San Martino extra virgin olive oil is now ready to be transferred to stainless steel silos, saturated with nitrogen, which hinders the oxidation process and extends its storage life. The storage temperature, which is about 15 degrees, is kept constant throughout the year.

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